French Skipping Rope
French Skipping Rope

French Skipping Rope

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French Skipping Rope

It takes 3 people:

Get in position. Two people, called "enders", step inside the rope and face each other. 

The enders place the french skipping rope around their ankles, step back until the rope is taut and spread their ankles so the rope is approx 12 inches apart in width. The 3rd person, the jumper stands outside the rope ready to jump. 

Several terms make up the French Skipping game; players use them to indicate the jumper's position relevant to the rope. When the players say "In", the jumper's feet are inside the rope. 

"On" means the jumper lands  with their left foot on the left rope and their right foot on the right rope. 

"Out" means the player jumps and lands with both feet on the outside of either the left or right side of the rope. 

"Side out" means the player jumps with both feet from the outside of either the right or left side of the rope

 to the outside of the opposite side.

"Straddle out" means the player jumps so that either foot lands outside both left and right sides.

"Side-by-side" is when the player jumps from side to side, yet alternates which foot is "in" and which foot is "out".

The first player jumps according to the terms called by the enders. If the player jumps incorrectly, they become an ender, 

and one of the enders becomes the player.  If the player jumps through the sequence successfully, 

the enders move the rope up around the knees and the player continues their turn. The players can increase the difficulty of the 

french skipping game by moving the rope higher on the enders bodies.

Age 3+

Packaging Size: 14 x 20 x 3 cm approx

French Skipping Rope Size: 3 meters